About Us

In 2003 a small group of Lanark County, Ontario residents with a passion for the protection of Nature formed an organization whose purpose would be to help landowners protect ecologically valuable areas for generations to come. The organization, called the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy (MMLTC), has now completed its tenth year, with an ambitious program of activity ahead. It owns two Nature Reserves totalling 300 acres.  It also holds three conservation easements totalling 1,880 acres.  We are in conversation with several other property owners desiring to see their little pieces of paradise protected for perpetuity.

The MMLTC is a non-profit, charitable, non-governmental organization supported by the many people who want to ensure that many more special natural places are safeguarded for the future.  We hope that you will join us in our efforts.

We are thankful to the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for providing office space.